about me.

Hi everyone, I really hope you're all enjoying my blog. I don't post often and I'm not going to lie, but that is due to the lone fact that I, Erran Jennings, am absolutely hopeless. I forget to do most things unless prompted at least five times, I am forever late (most definitely would be late to my own funeral) and I am just an all round divvy sometimes. Soooo, do not expect posts on a regular basis as I am currently anything but regular! Maybe one day, when I'm all grown up and own a house, I may get my act together.
As it says in bio, I spend way to much of my money (of which I do not have a great deal to begin with) on makeup, clothing and other none neccessity items. I am currently trying to find the perfect red lipstick and because of my ongoing endevours have A LOT of red lipsticks in my makeup collection. Another one of my quests has been to find the perfect foundation for my ridiculously pale skin. The three things I look for are good colour, good price and good coverage.
 As of yet I have not found a foundation with all three factors which is such a shame. I've found lots with two, lots with one but never the perfect one. Clarins everlasting foundation is as close to perfect as I have found so far with brilliant full coverage and white enough for me to not look like an Oompah-Loompah, however with it's nearly £30 price tag it's not an amount I want to spend if I could find a cheaper option with all three variables at their optimimum point.