Friday, 10 August 2012

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes

Going to start this review by saying how much I absolutely love this mascara! I think I'm a little bit in love! The first photo is my natural, un-mascara-ed eyelashes, then the second is one coat of this mascara and the third is two coats. Now I usually do about 5 coats of mascara because I love my lashes really black and thick. I already have quite long eyelashes to start with and so I generally only look for volume in a mascara; amazingly I only need about two/three coats of this mascara to get the kind of look I go for. It's phenomenal.
   I feel like I might be slightly overselling this mascara but it is honestly amazing. It is without doubt, worthy of the £10.99 price tag which to me is relatively cheap for the quality of it.
   I got the 'extra black' version of the mascara and it is a true inky, deep black which is another thing I look for in a mascara as I have such dark hair. There is a normal black/brown one in the range and then there are the ones that have tints specifically for those with different eye colours. There are a blue, green, brown and hazel one I think. I have tried one of these - it was my mam's for green eyes. I have blue eyes so I wasn't expecting miracles, and I was right, the 'tint' is barely noticeable and didn't really enhance anything however, the mascara was amazing which led me to buy this one.
   The brush is made of plastic bristles, and I have to admit, I hate it! I've personally never been a fan of the plastic bristles - I've always much preferred the proper brush-y type bristles on a really fat wand. This is no better than other plastic bristled wands, however I have had to overlook this small hiccup seeing as the mascara is so great. People who like plastic brushes with love this, it might not be for people more like me who maybe can't overlook it.
   I would also say that, this is perfect for me because I like quite clumpy, stick-like mascaras that give a quite doll-eyed look. If this is not your style and you don't like thick and heavy mascara and would prefer a much more natural look then this mascara is most definitely not for you.
   All in all, I love this mascara, it has only one fault, but that is down to my personal preference. I really couldn't recommend this product enough.

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  1. I have this mascara and I absolutely love it! I have been using it for years! Great Review :) xx


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