Monday, 2 January 2012

green like grass

Vest/New Look. Jeggings/New Look. Cardigan/New Look. Vans/Office
I recently got a few of these style tops from New Look and I really like them actually. They're not quite as revealing as a normal vest top is on me (being rather large-boobed, anything is revealing). I got a grey one with a skull on, this one and a black one with a floral cross on the front. Unfortunately, none of these were in the sale and neither were the jeggings I have on in the photos.
    The cardi was part of the sale though, I have been lusting after one of these style cardigans for a while (the ones that are like a huge circle at the back?) and just have never actually gotten round to purchasing one! When I saw this in the sale for only £12 I had to have it. When I eventually made it to the till after about an hour of looking and trying on, the cardigan was only £8 which was an absolute bargain!
    While at New Look I stumbled across an amazing pair of shoes which are basically what I have wanted for a while now and they were also in the sale. I plan to do a post soon with those on, but if you can't wait to see them then check out my twitter and they'll be on the recent pictures (link's at the side).
   I went back to the sales today made a few more purchases which I shall share another day. Hope you are having fun finding bargains in the sale! Do share...

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