Saturday, 8 October 2011

Leather Skulls

                        Top New Look, Jacket Asda Living, Shoes Converse, Scarf Camden Market

Haven't been blogging lately because of some personal things that have been going on and I really haven't been in the mood at all. I just felt like blogging today so here goes..
   I've been dying my hair purple again silly me, I only actually want to keep it for a couple of weeks- I want it brown again for my birthday. I haven't bothered dying my extensions because I'm only keeping it for that long so there'd be no point. I like it but I want the brown back already and I only died it today! I'm going to have to remember to keep away from the white towels from now on or Mammy won't be chuffed. I've got purple hands and a purple head at the moment; the dye doesn't seem to want to come off. It's weird because you can't see the colour at all on these photos.
    I went for a really grungey look today and ended up going out pretty much dressed as a goth- oh well. Me and Ashleigh have beaten our record for length of time sat in Starbucks. We were up to 3hours, but now we've got 5!
    I plan to do a post some time this week called '4 Ways to Wear It' and I hope to start including this in my blog quite often. This week I'm going to do some burgundy jeans from New Look- I already have one photo so I need a couple more. I think this will be good as it will show that you don't exactly have to wear things the way everyone wears them and show that you can dress things up or down.


  1. I love everything about this outfit you look great! I do a three ways to wear feature on my blog, I find so many new ways to wear stuff while I'm doing it! Can't wait to see your post!



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