Sunday, 30 October 2011


Top; Newlook for my birthday
Jeans; Newlook, had them ages- you've probably seen them a million times!
Shoes; Priceless Shoes
Bag; Boutique

So, it was my birthday on Wednesday and I went to Nandos for a birthday meal and wore this. I had such a good birthday and got alot more money than I did presents this year. I was going to do a birthday haul video for you but there seriously isn't enough for a video! Everyone got me money and vouchers for my birthday so I'm gunna have some fun spending that. I might do a vid after I've bought a few bits, because it's still a birthday haul then.
    I did get a new phone though which I'm so happy about as I was getting to the point where I was about to stamp on my other one. My messages weren't coming through, my scrolly botton had almost completely stopped working and the back had snapped- not good. Finally though, I have a new phone!

I also just got acrylics done for the first time ever and I'm really not sure about them. I just don't know whether they're very me. I was thinking that they'd ruin my fingernails but I don't really have much to ruin with my stupid shorty little bitten nails. But yeah, I'm not sure whether I completely like them yet, I'm not sure whether it's just the white tips and I'd like them better painted or... You can get clear tips and I think I should have just gone for that I think.
    Argh, I'm back to school tomorrow after a lovely half term of doing pretty much nothing. I always say that I'll do so much in the holidays but I always just forget and seem to waste them. I really need to start to DO something!

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  1. LOVE the yellow blouse ! Looks great on you ! Hope you had a happy birthday and I think you should definitely do a haul vid after you buy some things x


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