Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stripes and Colour Blocking

Dress; Primark
Shoes; River Island
Bag; Asda Living

Just an outfit I wore yesterday to go shopping to get my bestfriend's present. It's her birthday sooon!
Absolutely love this dress but if I'm honest it's really not me- I never wear stuff like this. Ah well, I'll have to start because it's so nice.

I was going to do another post for NOTD but I may as well just out it at the end of this one.

Colour Block Nails
Hmmm, I'm very unsure of these. I like them but they look as though a five year old has been let loose on my nails. I guess that's the novelty? Pink is by Collection 2000 (all the writing has rubbed off) and blue is by 17. It's a Lasting Fix polish in Mint Choc Chip.

I just want to put into my post today a little about 9/11 because I have a lot of respect for those that died in the twin towers. R.I.P

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