Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I have returned.

Blue top and shorts; top from peacocks, shorts from matalan, sandals from New Look
White top and bodycon skirt; top from New Look, bandeau top from New Look, skirt from prodigyRED
Blue Playsuit; playsuit from New Look, sandals from Catterick market
Grey maxi dress; dress from ? i cant actually remember
Tan and black stripy dress; dress from Primark
Blue, green and black stripy maxi dress; dress from Peacocks

Okay, so I'm back from Morocco- I had a great holiday apart from all three of us being ill for the majority of it. Sorry about the last picture- it was the first night and I didn't manage to get a proper photo of it. I went for 10 nights but as you can see we only had a few proper nights out due to the illness etc.
  I felt really sorry for the people that lived there as it is just like a slum (well the part I went to anyway) and it's so sad to see so many people living on the streets when I had a lovely cosy bed to come back to. It really wasn't a touristy place at all; hardly any restaurants really so there wasn't many dressy nights at all
   I wore a black maxi dress and my high nude wedges to travel in but while at Gatwick my wedges completely broke! The heel came off the bit your foot goes in. It was only the second time I'd ever worn them so I advise - DO NOT BUY H&M SHOES. I had to buy a pair of flip-flops at the airport.

Just a little note about tumblr- I've changed both my url and blog title so to find that you will now have to go to thanks!

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