Monday, 25 July 2011

youtube again...

Hi guys! Wow, I'm being a good blogger lately- must be the guilt of actually doing nothing on here for a while. Anyway, today's post is once again about youtube. I regularly post on here about my most recent video and beg you to subscribe to me. Now I have decided to change my youtube channel a little bit; instead of doing spoofs all the time I will be doing actual  makeup tutorials, which fits in alot better with this blog. I will also be vlogging alot more as I do really enjoy that. So yes, please do take a look at my channel, which hopefully alot more of you will now be interested in. I will still be doing spoofs too. If you want to know why I've done this check out this video and to see my most recent video click here! It would really mean alot to me if you subscribed.

Please check out my tumblr too!

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