Sunday, 3 July 2011

you're such a good star to me.

So yeah, the title is from a Take That song called shine. And why? Because it is so sunnyyyyyyyyy! This post is coming from outside in the glorious sun. It's enough to make even me tan! I've been such a bad blogger lately and today I've really been in the mood to do a post. I'm sorry that I've completely stopped doing my Friday Favourites, but there will be more of those coming soon and also a week in photo's this week. Probably on Saturday so look out for them.
Yesterday me and a friend (Ashleigh) went to the Metro Centre for a spot of shopping, my dress is from New Look, sandals from Catterick market.
I bought my first ever mac product yesterday, a lipstick called crosswire which I hope to do a post on soon. It's just a lovely bright corally red. I also went to Appy Feet where they have Gara Rufa fish (the ones that bite the dead skin off your feet). It was amazing! I've wanted it doing for a while now and I'm pleased I got it done. I'm not overly impressed by the treatment but I absoloutely loved the feeling of it. I would have it done  again but I would say to  people who have never been- don't expect miracles. It made my feet slightly softer but where I had hard skin already, in places like my heels, it really didn't help.
We went into Starbucks which is how we always end a lovely shopping trip- it just doesn't seem complete without it! I'm amazed at the new bus fairs! Under 18's get ANYWHERE for 80p with the Key Card. I just think it's amazing. From where I live to the Metro Centre used to cost somewhere in the region of £5, but now 80p. Amazing. Do they do that every where or just the north east?

Anyway, hope you've had a good weekend, I have! 


  1. Hi Erran Jay! I restarted my blog :) I am now following you from! It'd make my day if you could follow me back... I love your blog <3 Thanks xxx

  2. I really want to try this! Love the maxi dress :)



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