Sunday, 24 July 2011

Friday's Favourites.

1) Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels. I've been after a cream blush for a while but all of them are really expensive for hardly any product! Some of the colours aren't really for me either. I've wanted a Topshop one because the colours are lovely and the packaging is amazing. I'm one of those people who would buy things because of how pretty the packaging is, and wow. I love the Topshop makeup packages. So pretty! The colour of this blush is lovely.

2) Umberto Giannini Rock and Roll Extreme Hairspray. I recently bought this, the backcomb in a bottle and the dry shampoo from the same range. (review soon!) I really like this hairspray- good hold and smells absoloutely divine. It smells like raspberries!

3) No7 Nail Varnish in Rose Truffle. This was out of a set I got for Christmas so I'm not overly sure that you can get it separately. Still though, I love the colour of it, it's a lovely reddy-pink colour which looks lovely on longer nails. Nice formula too- thick enough too only need one coat to get a nice coverage and good colour.

4) Wedges from H&M. WOW. I loved these shoes when I first bought them, but they have become my favourite shoes! I wore them to a wedding a couple of days ago (I'll put some outfit photos on during the week) and I wore them from 2 in the afternoon till around 2 at night. So around 12hours of wear and they did not cause any pain at all. I think they're like miracle shoes. Usually wedges cause some discomfort after wearing them for a while but not these! I love them. And how hot are they?!

5) Eco Tools Foundation Brush. I bought this and a concealer brush form the same range and I really like them. The brushes are really soft and put on the product well. Love these.

6) MAC Crosswires. See review.

7) Perfect 10 False Nails. I wore false nails constantly for about a year and then got my blackberry so couldn't wear them because of the tiny little buttons. So for nearly two years now I haven't worn any. I recently bought some and painted them (with No7 Rose Truffle - above) and I really like them. Shame I can barely text though :(

8) New Look sale. All I can say is sunglasses for £1? Bought 3 pair. Yey.

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