Sunday, 5 June 2011

sun sun sun.

These photos are from like 2 days ago. I just really haven't had the time to post them. This was the last sunny day we had, the next day (yesterday) was cloudy and rainy. Yak. It really makes me wonder how in two days the weather can change! Typical English post here. Whoops.

Purple Baggy Vest Top; New Look
Dark Turquoise Patterned Shorts; New Look
White Shoes; Converse

So yeah, I went to a friend's house to sunbathe and watch films. Had a really good day actually. I usually really don't burn or tan at all. I can go on holiday and come back almost as white! But on this day I actually burnt, bad burn down the back of my legs, the red seems to have completely gone down but the pain is still there. Argh. There's tiny patches of the burn around the back of my knees. Ouch.

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