Sunday, 5 June 2011

Friday's Favourites.

Friday's favourites? On a Sunday? Yeah, sorry! This is like two weeks worth seeing as I'm so un-organised and have forgotten to do it two weeks running. I'm such a bad blogger!

001. Body Shop Aloe Vera Gentle Cleanser. This is actually discontinued now, as I told the people who watched my haul video recently, but I really like it. I've never really bothered with cleansers or anything up until now- I've had a change of heart and decided to change my ways. I also have a 'roc' thingy that was my mam's that I am amazed by. But yeah, I love this cleanser, it smells so fresh and leaves your face feeling really good.

002. Hugo Boss Deep Red. This is my favourite ever perfume, I absoloutely LOVE it. This is the bottle I got for Christmas. I've just opened it this week as I've been using Red Jeans since then. I always run out of this perfume before the time comes to get a new one at birthday/Christmas so I decided to try and keep it for a while. Opening it reminded me of how much I absoloutely love it. 

003. Cuticura Dry Skin Intensive Hand and Nail Cream. Another product from my most recent haul, again, I never used to take care of my hands etc but now I have this I'm obsessed with having soft hands. It feels really nice and isn't to greasy, it sinks in straight away unlike other products that sit on the skin for a while making it impossible to do things.

004. New Double Bed! I don't know why I put this in but I was struggling to think of anything. It is a favourite though- I love having the extra space- it's far better.

005. Pearl Drops Party Sparkle Whitening Toothpaste. I have pretty yellow teeth which I hate and this has really helped. I've had other whitening toothpastes and this is by far the best.

006. Barry M Nail Paint in Pure Turquoise. I love this colour, I bought it last summer and it was pretty much all I wore. It's such a summery colour and looks amazing with a tan. Pretty good nail polish too, as are all Barry M Nail Paints.

007. Converse! I think I'm obsessed- these are my brand new ones that you saw in my previous post. I'm seriously in love with all things converse right now. Yummy!

008. Avon Solutions A.M and P.M. These work really well as moisturiser, like I said before I've just started using products like this on my face. I have really dry skin and these are really helping combat that. The day one is really refreshing and wakes you up properly, the night time one is really soothing and relaxing. They both smell delicious.

009. Magazines. I've been really into reading magazines lately. I must be in the mood for some lovely celebrity gossip!

010. E.L.F Lipstick in Natural Nymph. I've been after a nude lipstick for a while and this one is perfect! I wear it everyday at the minute. Unfortunately it broke while I was at Take That :(

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