Monday, 6 June 2011

five years time

This is just a chatty post today, mostly because I just fancied writing a whole load of 'not my history revision'. I have that exam tomorrow and if I'm honest I really cannot be bothered to do any revision at all. I know that if I even started to right now that I wouldn't take anything in so it would be a total waste of time and effort. So that's that.

I really want to change the font on posts because the usual one is starting to really annoy me, seeing it every day is really bugging me. I'm going to do each post in a different writing until I find one I like (such a shame there's only 8 :\ ). I actually quite like this one.

I've started a diet today- healthy food all the way. I've also started an exercise regime for bum and tum which my friend has kindly put together for me. Today comprised of 50 sit ups, 50 twist sit ups and a 20 minute run. It really doesn't sound much but maaaaan was I tired. As a person who doesn't do exercise- ever- it was really hard for me to do. I have exercise every day apart from a Saturday which is my fat day. Food galore and no exercise. I'm gunna look forward to Saturdays even more now. That's if I keep this going.

I'm really loving Noah and the Whale at the moment and didn't actually realise they were doing a gig up here, so when my friend asked me if I'd be interested in going I jumped at the chance. Hopefully we'll both be available etc on the day and will soon have our tickets ordered.
On the theme of gigs, I really wanted to go and see the Eels but unfortunately no-one will go with me to see them so I have to miss the opportunity. I'm really upset! Everyone's either busy, can't get babysitters or just doesn't like them. I'm not happy.

Sorry for the really rambly (is that a word?) post today, it has nothing to do with Hair, Make-Up or Style but ah well. Just generally what's on my mind today. I like posts like these my self, sometimes it's good to have posts that are about life as well as the blog content. Let me know...


  1. aaagh you like the EELS!!! They are my favourite band in the whole world and hardly anyone knows of them - good taste! :o)

  2. yeah! one if my favourite bands! i cant believe I can't go and see them.

  3. I know what you mean about the exams... I have a load of exams at the moment and I just can't be bothered anymore :) Hope you did well in them though. I am following you as I like your blog... hope you have a look at my blog and follow me too :) xxxx


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