Friday, 13 May 2011

Weekly Favourites

Well, obviously this is gunna be a weekly post, and I really want to do this because I don't have time to do separate reviews for every single product I buy so it'll be good to show you what I like. It could be absoloutely anything, anything that I've loved that week. Make-up, hair products, clothes, certain shops, music? Anything!

Honestly, I tell you I'll be gone for a while and I've already posted again two days later. But anyway- here goes!

First up is my Urban Decay Lipstick in gravity, wow this is such an amazing colour. It's just a lovely, very dark red lipstick. I think I suit red lipsticks more than any other colour and I just adore this one! To see what it looks like on click here! I do talk about other things in the video though so you'll have to be patient! And please do subscribe!

Okay, next is a C.D which I wasn't going to put in the favourites list because it doesn't really have any relevance to my blog. I decided to make the favourites just anything I'm loving that week though so I can now include it. So this is Seth Lakeman - Freedom Fields, i absolutely adore his voice! This is one of his older albums but I think it's one of the best. I seem to have been listening to this ALOT this week so I decided to put it in for you. My favourite track from the album is 'King and Country', so yeah, definitely give this a listen.

Now for the ELF eyeliner brush; I usually don't wear eyeliner and whenever I did I just used pencil as I really mess up with liquid. I'd never really thought about using gel liner until I started watching Youtube videos and reading blogs and now I love it. I didn't wear it because it made my already tiny eyes look even smaller but with this brush and gel liner it really doesn't. I've started wearing eyeliner alot more often without creating the really ugly (on me) thick black line. When it first came in the post I thought it would be way to thick to create a nice smooth line but it's not. I really love this brush.

Number four is Zumba which I have became a huge fan of! It's energetic and wears you out but it's so fun to do that you barely notice that you're absolutely knackered! I started about 6 weeks ago and I LOVE IT! I don't really have much more to say about it really apart from; find your nearest class and get yourself along- you'll really enjoy it. And I can guarantee you that as a person who hates exercise.

Next is Jesus bracelets. Yes, I know these were fashionable last year but everyone still wears them and I still love them. I'm not religious in the slightest (and alot of other people who wear them probably aren't either) but they're just really cool!

Sixth is Batiste Dry Shampoo. This is the one specifically for dark hair which I am so glad they brought out. I had actually stopped using dry shampoo because it always left grey bits on my hair but with this it looks completely invisible. I love it. The fact that dry shampoo not only takes away the greasiness of your hair, but also adds volume is amazing. I use it every single day now just to make sure my hair is voluminous. This is by far my favourite product ever. Absolute Godsend.

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush; Wow, I've wanted this or the Sigma copy for a long time and I eventually caved and bought this one. I'm so pleased I did- I've used it for a bout a week or so and I definitely will not go back to a paddle brush for foundation now. I just love the way this applies foundation, and for some reason it seems to stay on better when I use this to apply it. First I use it for foundation then I use it with my powder too, so it's like two brushes in one. I'm so happy that I actually got this.

Eighth is my Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish in BMX Bandit. God, how many times have you heard about this on my blog now?! Alot probably, and with good reason. It's still my favourite nail varnish and will continue to be until I find an amazing one. I just adore the colour so much and it reminds me of summer too. It will look amazing with a bit of a tan, probably even better than it does without. I know it sounds weird but it puts me in a good mood to look down and see lovely summery coloured nails!

Ooh, near the end now! Next is little lampshade candle holders- these are so adorable. I have three now and I want more. They look so lovely just lit on the table. Too cute!

Finally, is Red Jeans perfume. This isn't actually my favourite perfume but it's a very close second. As you can see I have used alot of it and I'm really hoping Mammy Bear wants to buy me some more soon! This also reminds me of summer, it's so fresh and cheerful. I didn't realise how hard it was to describe a scent until I've just attempted it. Ah dear. Go and smell it anyway, it's lovely.

Okay, so there's number 1 done. Hopefully, I'm gunna post this every Friday, although I'm betting it probably won't be! I'm so unorganised- I'll end up just completely forgetting. Like the 30 Day Challenge, I've just given up on that. I might just put all the remaining days into one big post and be done with it!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know if you don't and I'll change/remove it. :)

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