Tuesday, 17 May 2011

trunk full of base on an old school chevy.

Hi guys! It's so hard to start off a post isn't it?! I never know what to say, whether I should do a nice introduction or just get straight on with it... Sorry about the terrible quality photo but it was getting a bit dark by the time I got round to taking a picture. Whoops!
   I feel as though I always need to put a photo at the top of a post so it gives you something to look at, otherwise it's just a big chunk of information and it seems a little boring. Somehow, it makes a bit more exciting I think?
   I don't actually know what this post's about just really felt like doing one. I did my English Language exam on Monday- what an absolute nightmare. I think I've done okay on it though. Had my Drama Assessment today, that went really well apart from me forgetting my lines once or twice. English Literature tomorrow though and I'm absolutely DREADING it! I have no clue about any of the stupid annotations I've made to these stupid poems in this stupid anthology. It's so stupid! I mean, why wouldn't we be allowed to take in the anthologies that we've already wrote on into the exam?! Oh no, we've just got to memorise the meanings of all eight poems. ARGH!
   Wow, this is a boring post. Today's foundation (not that you can really see it on here) is MAC Studio Fix Finish which I really like foundation wise but is not light enough for me I'm afraid. NW15 is the lightest there is and it's still really orange on me :( I'm quite disappointed because the foundation is actually so nice, I'll definitely be getting it in the summer when I'm a bit more tanned. They should bring out like an NW5!
   Hope you guys have had a good day, I certainly have!

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