Monday, 30 May 2011

there's a moth attacking me!

The title? Yeah, as I'm writing this, a moth is flying round my head and won't go away. I'm not usually bothered by creepy crawlies of any kind, but I hate, hate, HATE moths. EW. I swear to god, it can sense my fear! It keeps flying around whacking into my head- every time I hit it seems to be encouraging it.

But yeah, anyway!
Black Shift Dress; New Look (every outfit post has New Look somewhere)
Tights; God knows?
Grey Shoes; Dorothy Perkins

So we went to the cinema today only to find X-Men wasn't even out yet, the thing we'd specifically wanted to see. Me and dad wanted to watch the Hangover 2, mam didn't. Me and Mam wanted to see Pirates of the Carribean, dad didn't. Mam and dad wanted to see Thor, I didn't. So we gave up and went to Frankie and Bennies then on the way stopped at Blockbusters.

I'm so pleased we're off now. A whole week without exams! I do have one the day after I go back though which I'm not looking forward too, this week is going to be a relatively revision free week though! I'm going to see Take That tomorrow night which I'm very very very excited about. I haven't got a clue what to wear though seeing as it's in a stadium so it's outside nearly. My mam never gets dressed up for concerts but I always do, not this time though- I don't wanna be over dressed. We're standing too so comfortable shoes are needed. I can guarantee it'll rain :( Any ideas would be helpful!

So, as I said in yesterday's video post I've just bought a new foundation. This is one of the ones I got a tester for and really loved. I think I have found my perfect foundation. Tell me if you would like a more in depth review on this!

Bye for now! God, that sounds geeky!

PS. I totally forgot to do Friday's Favourites SORRY! I'll hopefully do that tomorrow.


  1. such a cute post!!! i love that black dress and belt!! cute cute cute! :)

  2. I love your black dress, and that t-shirt!! x


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