Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Product Review - GOSH Natural Touch.

I felt so thick after buying this and then discovering how light the coverage was. It's pretty obvious that it's going to be quite transparent with the key word being 'natural'!
   I like quite a full coverage as I have alot of freckles that I really don't like and quite red cheeks. I wouldn't say I really needed it because I don't get spots but it's just my personal preference to cover myself up.
   For me this is just totally the wrong foundation- for the type of coverage I want I need to put on at least 3 layers on, which would mean that it would be used up very quickly. It's quite unfortunate because the colour of it is really nice and matches my skintone perfectly. As you know, I have very pale skin and find it hard to find foundation that is white enough; when I found this for a really cheap price of £8.99 I was very happy as you can imagine.
   I only use it on days that I just want to do nothing or don't want as much makeup on- for school it's also quite good. For anyone who doesn't need such a full coverage this would be perfect because it really is a nice foundation that lasts a long time. I found that I didn't have to re-apply at all during the day, I did however, go a little shiny because it isn't a very matte foundation; it has a definite glow about it. Definitely try this product out if you are looking for a long-lasting foundation with light/medium coverage!

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