Saturday, 14 May 2011


Ooh, another outfit of the day, as you can see my revision isn't really taking priority although it definitely should be, Two posts already when I said I wasn't gonna do any for a while. Whoopsie!
So yeah, As you can see I have two different outfits, That's because I had my black and white playsuit on, took all the pictures for the post then decided I looked fat so I got changed into my grey bodycon skirt from NewLook and my grey baggy Detroit top also from New Look. Shoes are Doc Martins which are vintage, they were my mam's back in the 80's and have survived, I like these alot better than new ones as they look distressed and worn. I like them like this instead of shiny. My mam was also good at art and has drawn a Chinese dragon down the side of one boot which looks really cool.
I also wanted to show you my make-up today seeing as I did something different for once; actual coloured eyeshadow not just plain brown over the lid as usual. Also, say hi to Mr. Natural Hair! Sorry for the pained look on the full outfit picture!

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