Monday, 9 May 2011

MUA Lipstick and Sleek Contour Kit

I bought this the other day not thinking it would be very good and I actually really like it. I got shade 3 which is just a really nice bright pink but not too over the top. If you want to see what it looks like on or anything else about the packaging etc. go here as I have done a previous post about it.
   For only £1 this is such a good lipstick- it's creamy and glides on nicely, smells divine and to top it off stays on for a long time! I really didn't expect this from it. They should definitely bring out a bright red shade- I adore it.

I just got a Sleek Contour Kit- as I couldn't find a nice matte bronzer that wasn't to dark. I've never 'contoured' before and I actually really like the effect. The dark powder in this is the perfect colour and not too dark at all. The highlighter powder is really glowy (if that's a real word?) and gives a nice sheen to my totally matte make-up. I generally just really like it.

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