Monday, 2 May 2011

Interview With Leanne!

I asked the lovely Leanne from 'A Slice Of My Life' to do an interview with my and I really did think she'd say no as I really don't have many followers so it wouldn't be of any benefit to her. Thankfully though, she said yes! Here is the interview;

1) Introduce yourself and your blog.   My name is Leanne, I’m just your average 26 year old girl who loves clothes, make up and good times. My blog covers a wide range of things from OOTDs to book reviews and days out. I also do a lot of haul posts and occasional reviews.
2) What made you want to start blogging?   I never set out to write a blog. The reason I created one was for me to keep an online type of journal, set some goals, record my weight loss, something to see where I’m going right and wrong. I then started reading other blogs and thought, what the heck, I’ll have a go at that myself! The original reasons for starting a blog have gone out of the window but I’m now really enjoying posting everything else.
3) Name a few favourite blogs?   I’m enjoying your blog! I love so many blogs that it is difficult to pick my favourites! I love reading Viva Tramp ( Bee’s writing style is fantastic, she is really funny and her posts are always interesting. That is probably my favourite blog at the moment. Superficial Girls ( is another of my faves, Carlinn always wears amazing outfits and the photography on her blog is really good.
4) What inspires you to make posts?   Shopping, dressing up, make up. I love sharing my bargain buys and new finds with everyone. I’ve also been doing the 30 day challenge which I know you are now taking part in too, this has been good for me as it has inspired me to do a blog post everyday.
5) What do you love and hate about the blogging community?   I haven’t been blogging for very long, only about three months, and I can honestly say that I haven’t come across anything that I dislike within the blogging community yet, I haven’t received any hate YET! I love the blogging community because everyone is so friendly. I speak to a lot of people who blog on Twitter and have such a good giggle with them! I have a whole new world of cyber friends haha!
6) Can you describe your blog in 5 words?   Rambles, Fun, Fashion, Life, Passion.

7) What is your favourite shop?   Regular readers of my blog will probably know the answer to this, Primark! I love it there, it is so cheap and the clothes and jewellery are lovely.
8) What is your favourite make-up brand?   I tend to use a lot of Rimmel products as I can’t afford high end, a lot of their products are very good quality for the price you pay, I’m particularly loving their 25 hour foundation at the moment.
9) What is your favourite perfume?   My fiancĂ©, Spencer, bought me Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh for my birthday – I love it! It is such a nice summery fresh scent – gorgeous!
10) What is your all time favourite make-up item?   Difficult! I tend to change my make up constantly as I get bored. At the moment I’m loving my Sleek palettes that I bought from a blog sale, in particular Sunset.
11) Describe your skincare routine?   My skincare routine is also changing constantly, I suffer with spots and seem to have intelligent skin, by that I mean a product will work at first then after about two months my skin finds a way to breakout and beat the products. At the moment I use Clean & Clear Dual Action facewash, Body Shop Tea Tree toner, Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser, Body Shop Tea Tree day/night lotion, I also use Body Shop Aloe Very eye gel before bed.
12) What is your favourite hair care product?   Dry shampoo! I can’t live without my Batiste Dry Shampoo!
13) What is one product that you could not live without?   This is a difficult one! My whole make up bag haha! I’d probably have to say my Rimmel 25 hour foundation as I have horrific skin and this does a good job of hiding it.

14) What is your favourite colour?   Colour of the moment is probably turquoise, but this changes often.
15) What is your favourite animal?   Cats! I have two cats and have always had cats growing up, I love the little bugers!
16) What is your favourite thing to drink?   At the moment I’m loving Crabbies Ginger Beer – it is so yummy and refreshing!
17) Your favourite food?   Anything, honestly, you can put anything on a plate in front of me and I’ll eat it! All time fave though is chocolate, I’m evil if I don’t have it!
18) What's your favourite movie?   Enchanted – I love it, always makes me smile.
19) Favourite band/singer?   Stereophonics, I’ve loved these for a long time and have been to several of their gigs, all in Cardiff except for one in London. They are amazing and Kelly is gorgeous.
20) How would you describe yourself/life?    Myself – random, bubbly, good time girl. My life – random, crazy when with the girls, calm and settled when with Spencer. We have a mortgage and we’re saving for a wedding. We are both so lazy, our house is always a tip as we both work full time and are lazy!

She has also asked me to write my own replies to the questions so that she can put them on her blog. Either way though- READ HER BLOG! I love it.


  1. @ClimbingtotheMoon I love these types of post too.

    @xXxStundonxXx You are very welcome- I've emailed you my replies!


  2. awwe i've come over from leannes blog so hello! this interviewing is a brill idea! :)
    Rosie xo

  3. hi! i think it is too- you really get to know someone when you ask questions like this and i definately want to do a few more of these!x

  4. It is a fab idea, I'm just chuffed that you picked me :)
    Hopefully there'll be a few others coming your way too as your blog is fab! x


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