Friday, 27 May 2011

he wants to see the world.

Hi guys! Pretty picture heavy post here, sorry for the shameful picture at the top, I clearly decided that I wouldn't be photographed well today as I took alot of photos!

Coral T-Shirt; NewLook
Jeggings; Asda Living
Boots; Primark for, wait for it- £2! Ohmygod, I love them. Last pair, in my size and that cheap. It was such a happy day! Unfortunately the left boot takes ages to put on (half an hour today with a mixture of utensils including a spoon and the handle from a ladel). I love them but I dont think I can go through this torment every time I want to wear them! They're too pretty to give up on though, It's a dilema.

It's been a pretty bad day all round today, first it was our form tutor's last day today- she's moving to Essex which was so sad. I cried a few times, it's so hard to say goodbye to people. We gave her the leaving present yesterday (a Millies Cookie, photoframe complete with photo of the form and some bracelets that she absolutely loved!). After that was my Physics exam which I hope went well. I thought it went okay, but until I get the results back I can't be sure. At least my exams are finished now for a week though- I can lay off the revision for a while. After that I thought I'd fallen out with one of my closest friends but it was all just a misunderstanding. THEN, I went to buy another pair of converse and there was none in my size :( . I had to get them to deliver them to my house so I'll be mega excited when they come!

Who watched Geordie Shore on Tuesday? I LOVE IT. It's giving us geordies a bad reputation (well, a worse one) but it's just too funny to hate. I've watched it twice now- I can't get enough. It's mostly funny because no-one is actually like that, they are just ridiculous people that are funny to watch. I mean weeing yourself on camera? Classy. I just hope that people don't think everyone that lives in the North East are like that. I will be watching it right till the very end- I love it!

I got InStyle magazine earlier so I could get the free nail varnish but there wasn't any of the coral coloured one (another bad thing) so I got the 'fashion fawn' one which I really like too. I don't like the teal one, it's a bit of a weird colour. More on that tomorrow I guess.

Bye! xoxo


  1. These photos are lovely not shameful at all! Love those boots, can't believe they were £2 - persist I say! x


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