Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday's Favourites.

-001) Victoria Jackson Eye Palette; I don't like the eyeshadows in here but it has 2 gel eyeliners; one brown, one black; that are amazing! I hated eyeliner on me until I discovered these two with my ELF eyeliner brush! Amazing. I actually wear eyeliner now everyday.

-002) I've been getting loads of testers lately as you know (my little mission to find the perfect foundation) this is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15. I love this foundation, but  why, why, WHYYY? is it not light enough! The select foundation in the same colour is light enough so why isnt this one. I could cry. MAC, make me an NW5!

-003) Little pink blush. This is from a big palette of which I do not know the name, and the colour is nice!

-004) Another tester, this one is the Lancome Teinte Idole in 010. This is my favourite out of all the ones I've tried, it stays on forever, and is the perfect colour. I'm actually excited for my Revlon Colourstay to run out so that I can get a huge bottle of this.

-005) H&M, I've really been getting into this shop lately, their stock at the minute is full of lush holiday stuff for an absolute steal. Usually I'd say you couldn't beat New Look but at the minute H&M is doing it for me.

-006) Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 195 Perfect Plum. This shade is very similar to Collection 2000's Teeny Bikini which I have talked about on here quite alot. In Teeny Bikini the colour is great but the brush is a disgrace. The colour of the Rimmel one is really similar- bit darker though and the brush is nice. It applies really well, but chips too easily! :( I still love it though.

-007) PARMA VIOLETS. I have a new obsession for these. They're amazing. Enough said.

-008) Burlesque Beauty Eyelashes, oh wow! These are amazing- they're so big but not like ridiculously over the top huge. They're just big enough and lovely and thick too. The glue you get with them is really good.

-009) Benefit Powder Pop. You can get different versions of these, I have the one with Dandelion, Hoola and Dallas in. Dandelion is absolutely beautiful- such a nice pink! Hoola and Dallas I don't really like seeing as I don't wear bronzer at all however I like them both as eyeshadow. Hoola's a nice matte brown that goes well in the crease etc. Then Dallas is more of a red bronzer and has alot of shimmer to it which does make a nice eyeshadow. All in all I love the Benefit Blushes. I want a full size Dandelion actually.

-010) Vaseline Rosy Lips. I seriously can't get enough of this- it looks just as nice as lipgloss on while making my lips feel absolutely lovely at the same time. It just gives a nice sheen to your lips if you don't want a heavy lip colour and I think it looks really good!

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