Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bleeding Love.

One Coat.

Two Coats!

So, first pictures are my new Nails Inc nail varnish in Victoria. Absolutely love this colour- it looks exactly like blood. You can stop at the first coat and this gives a gorgeous purple-ey/red which I can only describe as cranberry. Apologies for the not-so-neatness of my nails, I was in a rush.

Second set of photos are my outfit of the day which I didn't end up wearing but I decided to post anyway.
Jumpsuit; Catterick Market
Shoes; Out of a catalogue a while back.
Belt; Borrowed from my mam.
Key necklace; A stall in Camden
Dragonfly necklace; Also borrowed from my mam.
Four gold rings; All sentimental.
Bag; A little boutique in Birmingham.


  1. love your bag! im affter one of theses but im not really near any boutiques to go search ha! ill keeo my eye out, there quite popular at the minute!
    cute blog

  2. honey!!!!really love your blog!!=D
    great job!!

  3. thanks girls,
    @Samantha; yeah- i use it all time. i adore it!xx


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