Sunday, 24 April 2011

Let the sunshine, baby...

Today was really sunny again - I seriously love the sun! This post is going to be an outfit post mixed with like, general life.
   So yeah, we had a BBQ today which was lovely and as per I absolutely stuffed myself. After the barbecue, Ashleigh came down to mine and we sunbathed for most of the day then had a little walk around the village.
   As you can see my blog's had a little make-over so I've had to change the colour of everything which took a while but oh well. I was so pleased with myself for making the little banner across the top- and I think it looks good. Please let me know!

Back to the outfit- wow I've done so many outfit posts this week!
Metallica Top; eBay for like, £20.
Shorts; New Look

Ashleigh's top is from Topshop ( I think!).


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