Saturday, 23 April 2011


Natural Collection Blush
In 'Sweet Cheeks'

Oooh, I love this colour- it's not a colour I'd usually go for but it actually looks really nice on! It was only £1.99

   4 E.L.F Brushes
Concealer Brush; £1.50
Eyeliner Brush; £1.50
Smudge Eye Sponge; £1.50
Lip Defining Brush; £1.50

I've been wanting to try some elf products for a while and haven't gotten round to buying them so I decided to  order them last week. I ordered them on the Friday and they were here by Monday- I was very pleased with that!

The concealer brush is really nice- a bit small though. It would have worked alot better had it had a bigger head. It still works really well though.

The eyeliner brush is lovely, it creates a lovely straight, thin line. I love it.

The smudge eye sponge works well to make eyeshadow more smoky and smudgey (if that's a word?). You can do this look without the sponge but I guess it's a nice tool to have.

The lip defining brush is just like any other lip brush- it's a nice shape and size to applies lipstick/gloss well.

Top Gun Sountrack!
Top Gun is my favourite film. Ever. I went into a little C.D shop and found this for £1.99! WHAT A BARGAIN. I've played it constantly since I got it, especially Danger Zone (the song in the opening sequence of the film).

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Varnish
I got Teeny Bikini (number 42) and BMX Bandit (32). I'm not a fan of Teeny Bikini- the colour is nice but it goes on really messily and thin. It might just be that one because it should go on the same as another one in the same range.
The BMX Bandit is lovely! It has definately become my favourite nail varnish. The colour is amazing!

Fashion Lashes Individual Lashes

Well, the title explains it all really. Needed some more individual lashes. For only 99p they were a total bargain.

Eyelure False Lashes
Ooh, I love these! I think they're the special edition Girls Aloud ones. I took the piece of paper out so I'm thinking they are the Kimberly ones. I'm going to cut the feathers off the end because I just wouldn't wear them with them on. I just need some wear to go with them on because they're MASSIVE!

17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss
I had this in the little version that you get in the gift sets for Christmas and I love it so I had to get it! I can't actually remember how much this was.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint
I've been looking at this for a while but I thought that £7.99 was a bit extreme for what is basically a felt tip with lip stuff in. I tried it on the other day though and really loved the colour so just had to buy it! It's so lovely!

 I got it in 04, which I believe is called Berry Burst.

Below I have it on, with Vaseline over the top because it's a little too dry on it's own- it's clear Vaseline so it just gives it a nice sheen without changing the colour.

Denim Shirt
My dad bought this from eBay but didn't like it so guess who got it! It was £20.

Primark Crocheted Waistcoat
I've been after one of these to slightly dress up a maxi-dress etc. I really like it although I don't see me wearing it that often. It was only £8!

Primark Maxi Skirt
I loooove maxi skirts and when I saw this one for only £10 I had to to get it. It's so comfortable and you can dress it up or down. Love it!

New Look Grey Tube Skirt
This was in the sale today and it it was £3- there were only 4 left and all in my size! I love wearing my several black ones so I thought why not get a grey one!

 Grey TOMS
These are so comfortable- they're lovely!
I got them because they'll go with loads and I reckon I'll wear them ALOT!

I love the colour of them, I was debating on whether to get these or the black ones and I just thought that these were far nicer.

I love the print inside, and it's just a lovely extra feature of them!

They came with a little bag and a sticker which is just really cute!

For anyone who wants to know- they were £33 :)
The bag and sticker.


  1. i love the crochet waistcoat, i'm so in love with anything crocheted at the moment! x

  2. ive only just discovered my love, haha. but yeah, i loooove it!x


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