Saturday, 23 April 2011

25 things I do on my own...

I saw this on Ashlie's blog, which is a really nice blog! I think this is such a nice idea- gives you a little bit of a look into me I guess?

Okay, here goes;

1) Blog and find new blogs to follow.
2) Make Youtube videos.
3) Watch films - I love films.
4) Listen to music in the dark.
5) Paint my nails.
6) Read books/magazines.
7) Go in the shower.
8) Go on Facebook.
9) Go on Twitter.
10) Watch Youtube videos.
11) Think of things that are never going to happen and believe myself.
12) Practice stupid looks with make-up.
13) Browse the New Look website.
14) Try to find new pictures of Daniel Craig/Tom Cruise/Ian Somerhalder
15) Colour my eyebrows in as dark as I can.
16) Peel my freshly painted nails.
17) Apply ridiculous false eyelashes.
18) Take photos of myself and other random things.
19) Straighten my hair.
20) Browse tumblr.
21) Try to find new websites to be obsessed with.
22) Sing, sing and sing.
23) Make little dance routines up for myself. Bad ones..
24) SLEEP!
25) I can't think of another? So I guess, I cry on my own, but that seems like I cry whenever I'm alone. Ah dear- I just mean that when I want to cry I generally do it alone.

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